Meet The Pals  

 Shawn Curie™: Nuclear Apocalypse 

A nuclear physicist, father, and un-natural born leader, Shawn is an all-around renaissance man with a flair for the dramatic. Known by his friends as “Curie,” he is a sharp-minded individual with sixteen years of experience in the field of nuclear physics.


Finding himself thrust into a world of an uncertain fate, Curie searches for other like-minded knowledge seekers to join him in rebuilding a world that seems bent on deteriorating further.


Join Curie in the task of assembling a crack team of intellectuals, survivalists and warriors, to better ascend from the ashes of civilization and rise above as the Apocalypse Pals.

 Eva Lucian™: Mutant Apocalypse 

Eva was a straight-A private school student, and fashionista whose greatest concern was becoming the heir to her family’s business of nuclear reactor housings. This was before the aliens came to earth. Her life was turned upside down when her school was selected for experimental mutation by the invaders.


Eva now finds herself using her new found abilities to fend off her old classmates who have succumbed to mutation, and saving those who can be saved.


Join Eva in the fight to rescue our species from this chromosomal corruption. Take heart that you and she will survive these troubled times, as Apocalypse Pals.

 Mason Feral™: Zombie Apocalypse 

Mason was your average carefree teen before the outbreak. When disaster struck he found himself unprepared for the challenges ahead.


Through sheer determination of will, and a certain obliviousness to the threat at hand, Mason was able to step up to the plate and establish himself as a formidable warrior and friend.


Mason is a loyal companion and trusted ally in the fight ahead. Join him in the coming struggle to wrest the world back from the zombie menace and establish a safer tomorrow together, as Apocalypse Pals.

 Faye Talus™: Alien Apocalypse 

Faye knew she was destined for greater things ever since she was a young girl. Being an avid reader of sci-fi books and always at the top of her kickboxing class, she was well prepared for when the alien menace came to earth.

She now uses her profound skills in the martial arts, and finely honed senses, to stand against the threat of world domination and the extinction of the human species.

Her cynical nature makes her a scrupulous judge of character. You have caught her eye. Every survivalist needs a friend and Faye is no different. Follow her to the alien beachhead and help to drive off the Invaders, once and for all, as Apocalypse Pals.

 Rylee Wattz™: Robot Apocalypse 

Rylee was employed as a mechanical engineer for the Department of Defense (DOD). They were tasked with the development of a combat ready solution to the growing threat of world domination. Her and her team of scientists created the Humanity and National Defense System, H.A.N.D.S., as it would later be called.


With great regret and irony, Rylee realized that the systems they helped to create, with the intention of saving humankind, would now aid in their destruction.


Join Rylee and the resistance movement now, in an effort to bring retribution to a world under siege. It is only through a unification of wills that we can defeat this technological terror and be victorious together, as Apocalypse Pals.