Mason Feral™: Zombie Apocalypse

Mason Feral™: Zombie Apocalypse


Life was easy for this laid back baseball prodigy. A goofball and generally good-natured teen, Mason Feral never anticipated being on the front lines of a zombie invasion straight out of a 1970 B-movie. Fear not! By strategically applying the blunt edge of his trusty bat to the heads of these necrotic creatures, he is sure to keep you safe. Though, you might want to walk behind him.


Product Details

  • 14" Zombie Apocalypse themed plush character.
  • Includes comic detailing character backstory.
  • Polyester fabrics and fill.

  • Printed foam accessories.

  • Hand wash only.

  • Dolls are handmade and may vary slightly from image shown.

  • Product contains small parts.

  • Not suitable for children under five.


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