Faye Talus™: Alien Apocalypse

Faye Talus™: Alien Apocalypse


A singer by day and a ring fighter by night, Faye Talus has been training her whole life to be the greatest MMA fighter this world has ever seen. Few could match her skill in the ring, and even fewer would want to try. Now, she will test her metal against other worlds as well. Will you be at her side when the time comes?


Product Details

  • 14" Alien Apocalypse themed plush character.
  • Includes comic detailing character backstory.
  • Polyester fabrics and fill.

  • Printed foam accessories.

  • Hand wash only.

  • Dolls are handmade and may vary slightly from image shown.

  • Product contains small parts.

  • Not suitable for children under five.


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