Low Battery

Rylee bursts out of the hospital atrium into the smog ridden street and takes stock of their surroundings; the threat has not been eliminated. Looking down at their power rifle, the charge indicator is flashing “low energy“. A crash comes from the atrium behind her and a mech bursts through the rubble in pursuit. Rylee bolts down the street, laser fire and projectile ordnance whizzing past from all directions. “This city sure has deteriorated since the resistance base fell.” In the distance, they see a mech drop ship deploy a squad of drones. Rylee slams their shoulder into the nearest door to avoid the swarm, finding themself in an old sporting outfitter. Thinking, “hopefully they didn’t see me“, they start rummaging through the various shelves and drawers looking for some “sweet“ battery charge. The next moment she hears a crash! Screeching metal and broken glass echo throughout the aisles. “I guess they saw me“, they think, as Rylee bolts for the back room and escape.

The door closes behind and Rylee sees a stack of lead acid batteries that are visible in the flickering fluorescent light of the rear storage room. They grab a jumper cable from a nearby shelf and connect the cable leads and battery to their rifle and spin to face the door and their pursuers. The door frame bursts from the wall and into the room, narrowly missing her position. Blaster fire can be heard down the block and vibrant flashes of light through the windows can be seen by cowering refugees in the street nearby buildings. Rylee walks out the front door of the shop, wiping machine oil off the power meter of their blaster rifle to see it read “fully charged”. A Humvee comes to a stop in front of Rylee and they look up to see the driver and grins in relief.