Our Story 


Welcome to myapocalypsepals.com! We are Ethan and Kristin, the visionary creators of the dolls.

We are happy to see you here and we hope you will love the Apocalypse Pals dolls and accessories as much as we do.

How did we get the idea, anyway?

The Apocalypse Pals came out Kristin and Ethan's shared loved of zombie and apocalyptic themed media. In the early 2010s, Kristin crocheted look-alikes of herself and Ethan as zombie hunters for a birthday gift to Ethan. He affectionately referred to them as his Apocalypse Pals and the idea was born. 

The Pals have been a hit and were featured on BuzzFeed's Best Gifts for 2020 and Westchester Magazine as the perfect holiday gift. We find that the plush figures are loved by people of all ages whether as a novelty gift or as a pal for adventuring.

Meet the Pals

Rylee Wattz of the robot apocalypse, Mason Feral of the zombie apocalypse, Faye Talus of the alien apocalypse, Eva Lucian of the mutant apocalypse, and Shawn Curie of the nuclear apocalypse.

Please ask us any questions. We love to talk about the Pals and how they were created. 

Contact Information: 

Email - info@myapocalypsepals.com