End of the world?
Don't go it alone.


Shawn Curie

Nuclear Apocalypse

Rylee Wattz

Robot Apocalypse

Eva Lucian
Mutant Apocalypse

Faye Talus

Alien Apocalypse

Mason Feral
Zombie Apocalypse


 Featured Pal of the Month! 

This month’s featured friend is Rylee Wattz of the Robot Apocalypse. They're searching for the key to beat back the robots, can she find it?

What happens to Rylee on her venture...


Trapped in your bunker alone? Grab a Pal who knows what you're going through.

Five fearless friends, each with an unbelievable tale to tell. These Pals defied the odds, and they think you've got what it takes.

Together, you can survive anything.

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