End of the world?
Don't go it alone.


Shawn Curie

Nuclear Apocalypse

Rylee Wattz

Robot Apocalypse

Eva Lucian
Mutant Apocalypse

Faye Talus

Alien Apocalypse

Mason Feral
Zombie Apocalypse


 Featured Pal of the Month! 

This month’s featured friend is Faye Talus of the Alien Apocalypse. Travel is perilous, how will she escape the city when there are aliens everywhere?!

What happens to Faye on her venture...


Are we actually talking about the Apocalypse? Is this actually happening? You’ll need a guide. You’ll need a friend. Here they are...


Survival. What matters and who do we want to be with? 


This is your team. Five fearless friends, each with an unbelievable tale to tell. These Pals defied the odds, and they think you've got what it takes. Together, you can survive anything.


All of these hidden things and places. Outside of the bunker is a place of realization. It’s a new reality. It’s your reality.